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  1. NotEvilAngel

    Who's a better Slayer?

    Kendra or Faith? Kendra wasn't a big character, but she was really devoted to Slaying, y'know what I mean? Faith... well, not so much, she did turn evil, don't forget that. What I'm trying to ask you is, who would win in a one-on-one? Kendra or Faith? Kendra VS. Faith
  2. Wesxfred

    Question Was Season 4 really that bad?

    I want to start off by saying that I get why some people hate this season. The whole Cordelia thing is terrible and it ruins her character for me, but I would probably say the this Is my favourite season of either show *GASP* Ikr! I'm gonna tell you a few reasons why and feel free to comment x...
  3. M

    My recent airbrush Buff art and a few of the coloring pages

    Hey scoobs, I hope you like these, I'm currently working on the Faith art.... <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="btty2"><img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49567580483_387eab98a3_w.jpg" width="400" height="297" alt="btty2"></a><script async...
  4. telperion66

    "You have all my Faith"

    In the season three episode 'Homecoming', Mayor Wilkins says this line to his assistant Alan during his very first appearance in the show - "You have all my faith". It strikes me as being a little offbeat and out of place. But, more than that, isn't it odd that Faith would end up allying...
  5. Grace

    Sunnydale Fanfic Club: Somewhere I Know You're Out There

    This thread is for discussion of the Sunnydale Fanfic Club podcast. I just realized I forgot to post a story. I'm sorry! The episode up today is about this fic: Somewhere I Know You're Out There by ZaiaFantasy Summary: "Post Season 7 - A spell gone awry brings Deirdre to the present and sends...
  6. Grace

    Sunnydale Fanfic Club Discussion: Wolfsbane

    This thread is for discussion of the Sunnydale Fanfic Club podcast. The next story will be: Wolfsbane by @Kairos Summary: "Buffy and Angel are called to the Cleveland Hellmouth to investigate a series of mysterious deaths. The local werewolves, Oz included, have been suspected - but the truth...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Faith or Buffy

    Hi all! So i didn't read the comics but I know that both Faith and Buffy are still alive. I was wondering who do you think will survive the longest? Do you think Buffy will be the ever-alive slayer and just keep coming back from the dead? Or do you think Faith will break the record as the...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Angelus turning Faith

    Hi all, So in Orpheus Angelus planned to turn Faith into a vampire. Do you think that would have been interesting as a BB for S4? Would Faith be an interesting vampire? Let's discuss!
  9. BuffMarsters

    Buffy VS Faith - Who was the better slayer?

    I personally think Buffy was the better slayer. Not only had she been slaying for years longer than Kendra or Faith, but Buffy was the right mix of gutsy and careful. She knew when to step back and when to charge into a situation. And she was smarter than Faith, who basically believed all...
  10. J

    Counting down from 730....

    7.11.17: .I don't know if anyone else caught the hospital wall-clock, when Buffy emerges from her hospital room post Faith stating: "Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0. - The clock was approaching "7:30am" Just thought I'd share- didn't see that posted anywhere on that specific...
  11. gillianmorsee

    Faith in Buffy's Body + Spike's Feelings for Actual Buffy

    In the scene in Season 4 "Who Are You" where Faith is flirting (sort of) with Spike in Buffy's body, do you think it affected Spike's feelings for actual Buffy (i.e. made them begin to develop)? Since he didn't know it wasn't actually Buffy until later on? Just an interesting thought I had.
  12. Guy

    Question What was the plan for Faith?

    Remember how in the first episode of season 2 of 'Angel', we see Angel meeting Faith in prison ("The road to redemption is a rocky path")? Well, that scene MUST have been set-up for something, right? The writers must have had a role planned for Faith in that season, and that role must have been...
  13. Chekaymor

    Hello, fellow undead heads!

    I'm Chelse :) I'm a Faith, Anya, Lorne, and Spike fanatic with a love for writing, blogging, and discussing BtVS.
  14. B

    Slayers are weak

    Someone was trying to argue with me that slayers are weak, because faith got beat by the beast, and apparently Angel a simple vampire has saved buffy several times. I fail to see this reasoning. Can someone please tell me how slayers are weak? Am I just dumb as hell? they said that a slayer...
  15. T

    Replicas wanted

    Long shot but incase someone is fir whatever reason selling i am looking for full size replicas following BUFFY SCYTHE, SWORD OF ANGELUS, JACKAL KNIFE boxed or unboxed as will be displaying them on wall Replicas Any minor scuffs damage will be considered Reasonable prices only :) I am...
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