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  1. NotEvilAngel

    Watcher or Slayer?

    Would you rather be a Watcher or a Slayer? And, if its not too much to ask, why?
  2. nightshade

    Who wants to watch some Buffy? (4)

    If anyone doesn't want to watch the football, I'm about to watch Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  3. AmberMissy

    Help Do these items even exist?

    I've been really struggling to find a couple of items and I'm not sure they're even real: Live Fast, Die Never (green cover) This is the Angel Soundtrack CD. Whenever I order this, featured with a green cover, when it's delivered, it has the normal black cover. I now have this one 3 times...
  4. C

    Why do characters use crossbow bolts tipped with metal points?

    it occurs to me the crossbow would be more effective against vamps if they sharpened the wood of the bolts into a point instead of using metal broadheads,then it would always kill a vamp as its like a thin staking implement fired as a projectile
  5. WillowSummers88

    One of my favorite Buffy moments.

    Buffy: "You think I came all this way to get knocked up by some demon dust? I can't fight this. I know that now. But you guys? You're just men. Just the men who did this... to her. Whoever that girl was before she was the First Slayer." Shadow Man: "You don't understand." Buffy: "No, you don't...
  6. Wildfly

    Maybe Giles really hated being a watcher?

    Giles, the watcher, the father figure. Did he really want these roles? I mean half of the time he is going back to England, a bit like Gandalf leaving the group, only Giles dont have the excuse to having other things to take care of. Take the watcher of Nikki, he stayed after his slayer died...
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