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How come Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston won the Homecoming Queen crown in the "Homecoming" episode?


"Five by Five."
Aug 30, 2018
United States
I find myself Buffy wayyyy more attractive & sexy than Cordelia, in the episode Assembly required when Daryl has to choose between Cordy & Buffy, I'm like "pick Buffy pick Buffy!! " lol I never understood why Daryl chose Cordy, I have never find Cordy that attractive, she's beautiful but not too much IMO. Buffy has such amazing eyes.
She also has better eyes and facial structure. Buffy has a better personality. Buffy's voice is better.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
I think Cordelia is better at being fake-nice and superficially pleasant to people she doesn't like/wants things from. Buffy's too rusty at that sort of campaigning.

But yes, I'd sure as hell vote for the hella cute blonde 'mystery' girl than the Queen Bee.


Jun 4, 2016
I assume that they both lost because neither are particularly popular. Or, frankly, even a little bit popular.

In "B,B&B" it became apparent that being with Xander ostracised Cordy from the popular clique at Sunnydale High. Then, in "The Wish" Cordy is treat like a leaper not only by the popular girls but even by the jocks who won't even risk being seen with "Xander Harris' cast off" in public spaces. Buffy even lists "Xander" as one of Cordy's weaknesses on her Battle Strategy Board in "Homecoming."

I think Cordy extremely underestimated how much her popularity had waned during her Homecoming campaign. In "The Wish" she naively believes she can insert herself back into her own cliques but learns the hard way just how much her star has fallen. In "Homecoming" she hasn't really faced reality yet that she no longer commands the same attention and popularity she once had.

And Buffy was never popular. She was considered a "loser" by the cheerleading squad ("Some Assembly Required") and was badmouthed by the Swim Team ("Go Fish") and she was subject to the Cordettes' bullying throughout Season 1-2. She had a reputation for being freakishly strong and intimidating ("Gingerbread"), was rumoured to be part of a gang ("Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight"), there were stories about her dating some really old dude ("Conversations With Dead People"), and she was judged for being seriously close with members of faculty ("She's always hanging out with that creepy librarian in that creepy library"). I do think by the end of Season 3, as evident by the Class Protector Award, that the Senior Class grew more appreciative of Buffy. But based on my own high school experience and shown in "Graduation Day I", teenagers get really nostalgic towards the end of high school and a lot of bad blood kind of just disappears (see the Willow/Harmony scene as evidence of this). "Homecoming" takes place still fairly early into Season 3 where Buffy was still very much branded as one of the unpopular kids.

We don't really need to know much about Michelle or Holly other than that they were both evidently more popular than Buffy and Cordelia. Which isn't difficult as there's few other characters who aren't (the exceptions being the Jonathons of the world). It was a little too late for Buffy to start campaigning by reaching out to people she'd never had any association with for the past 2-3 years.
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