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season 3

  1. Miss Muffet

    Connor, not Dawn

    Weird thought I had: What if Dawn and Connor had had each other's roles? Connor would be Buffy little brother and Dawn would be Angel and Darla's child. How would this change the series, considering they'd respond to events differently?
  2. Madido24

    Buffy Pros and Cons

    BUFFY PROS AND CONS I noticed people reviewing each season through pros and cons and I have decided to do the same as I find it more readable for another reader and more practical for me. First off, I would like to say that I love BTVS. It has marked me quite later in late 2018 when it was...
  3. telperion66

    How the characters on Angel reached their peak chemistry in season 3

    In season three of Angel, in my opinion, we see the characters interacting at the height of the chemistry that we ever got to see on the show. This chemistry surpasses anything I personally ever saw in the Buffyverse, in terms of the depth that it afforded in the overall presentation. By...
  4. B

    How come Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston won the Homecoming Queen crown in the "Homecoming" episode?

    How come Michelle Blake and Holly Charleston won the Homecoming Queen crown in the "Homecoming" episode? Why do you think they won the crown? Were they in the "in-crowd" dynamic at Sunnydale High? and not in the "loser group" (Willow, Oz, Xander, Giles etc...) unlike "Buffy and Cordelia?" did...
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    Does anyone likes Holtz?

    Hi all! So I was kind of surprised when I realized no one seemed to enjoyed Holtz as a villain. I enjoy him because I like the grey area he brings to the whole Big bad thing and belive he did a lot if not the most damage to Angel in all the seasons. So my questions are: Do you like Holtz as a...
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Connor's evolution

    Hi all! I know a lot of you are not fan of teenage Connor so I was wondering what would you do differently? If you kept him as baby Connor how would you progress the story and keep him alive? If Connor came back from the Hell dimension what would you change in his personnality? Would you make...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia and Wes friendship?

    Hi all! So I have read a lot of post about this and agree totally that Cordelia should have visited Wes after his betrayal. But I was wondering what would she have said? Do you think she would help him get better, ignore him like Gunn or would she do like Fred and tell him he was wrong but...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Was Justine believable?

    Ok so Justine is a normal human girl who lost her twin sister to vampires. After that, she decides to kill vampires to avenge her sister's death and is even called the fake slayer. Is it just me or does it not make any sense? How can she kill vampires alone is she has no superpowers and no...
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia's saintness

    Hey all, So I am at a Ats season 3 re-watch and I wanted to discuss Cordelia's saintness. I have read a lot of comments from @MrPole and others were they mentionned Cordelia's saintness and how she got a bit OCC in season 3. So my questions are: Do you think Cordelia's character changed in...
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    Fred and Angel

    Hi all, So as you know I'm doing a Ats rewatch and I'm at that point where Fred is inflatuated with Angel because he saved her in Pylea. This got me thinking. If Angel didn't have the complication of the curse and could have a normal relationshio, do you think him and Fred would be possible? If...
  11. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Xander love Cordelia?

    Hi all! So I was rewatching Angel S1 and Cordelia mention how she promised herself not to fall for a "loser" after Xander Harris. This shows how important he was to her and I think that we can see thoughout S2 & S3 that she really loved Xander even more than she wanted to admit. But I was...
  12. Vampire Willow

    Vampire Willow

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