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  1. AshSlays

    Question Which character's style does yours match the most?

    I was looking at the Bad Buffy Outfits twitter and started thinking about whose style mine matched the most. I thought about it for a little while and had the idea to ask you guys as well! I came to the conclusion that my style is like a cross between Willow's in seasons 3-5 and Spike's...
  2. D

    Should vampires really exist in real life?

    Some vampires portrayed in this series (Buffy/Angel) are (possibly inaccurately) portrayed as good, if I believe they are usually portrayed in other franchise as pure evil blood-sucking immortal creatures of the night. So should vampires really exist? My own answer: No, they shouldn't as...
  3. theslayerettes

    Vampire with a Soul: Angel vs. Spike

    As far as we know, (based on the show) Angel and Spike are the only vampires with souls. When Spike got his soul we assumed that it worked just like Angel's does. But it seems to me like the soul affects them differently. With Angel, it is made clear that he and Angelus are separate entities...
  4. WillowSummers88

    Question Joyce Summers

    I have sometimes wondered why they killed Joyce off so soon. Why not have her stay alive long enough to sacrifice herself to close the portal? Could she not close it? What do you guys think? She could have given Buffy and Dawn a big loving heart warming speech. Instead, she just dies on the...
  5. WillowSummers88

    Question Magic.

    Can vampires do magic on the same scale as.. Dark Willow for instance? Or is it like vampire diaries? Where if you are a witch and become a vampire you are no longer able to do magic.
  6. A

    Question Angel Season 4 almost the best television ever made? (Spoilers)

    In my opinion Season 4 was going to be the best season of TV ever made until the Jasmine storyline was introduced. Jasmine was an underwhelming Big Bad which made all of the fanfare of the past episodes (such as blotting out the sun, bringing back Angelus look ridiculous!) . The reveal of...
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