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  1. B

    Inviting vampires in

    SO vamps can't come in somoene's house without an invitation from someone who lives there. but they are able to get into public places without being invited correct? just wondering because I'm rewatching family from season 5 and spike just walks into the magic shop without an invitation. was it...
  2. F

    Should Angel and Spike Have Gotten Their Reflections Back?

    Whedon seemed to have gone the rather traditional route with the setup for vampires. Sunlight, stakes, garlic, and so forth. However, while it may or may not be a concrete element in folk lore and other such things involving stories of vampires, explanations as to why vampires don't have...
  3. F

    Why Did Drusilla Sire Spike?

    Why do you think Drusilla sired Spike? Just because? Or, something else? I guess a part of my head canon is that when she first saw him, she might have had a vision of his potential for destruction and whatnot. So, she didn't hesitate to sire him. That, or he was just so pitiful she thought...
  4. Wildfly

    Spike's reaction to Buffy's resurrection

    It really confuses me. From what i see he is shocked, shaken, happy as in crying (tears of joy?) angry ('I worked with you all summer and you didn't tell me!') protective ('...there was a chance she'd come back wrong. So wrong that you'd have to-- that she'd have to get rid of what came back...
  5. tinybad

    Which Characters Would You Trade for Those Who Kicked the Bucket?

    Aside from Tara, I've always considered both Anya & Spike to be 2 of my fav characters on the show, and so obviously I was really sad to see them go (I know Spike comes back on Angel, but this question presumes what if he didn't.) To me it would definitely be Dawn, as she's probably the most...
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