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  1. heckate

    Xander in "Grave"

    So, for years I could never understand why "Grave" ended the way it did, with Xander talking Willow down, saving the world by telling her "I love you." It would make sense if Willow and Xander's relationship had been explored at all during the season, an acknowledgement that they were growing...
  2. heckate

    Buffy + WandaVision [WandaVision Spoilers!]

    Am I the only one blown away by this show? And I've been mostly unimpressed by a lot of the Marvel content released in the last several years (Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame were all hugely disappointing for me), but WandaVision is just fantastic! As with everything I ever watch, I'm...
  3. heckate

    The Sunnydale Psychological Community

    Alright, so Maggie Walsh is a psychology professor of some renown, right? Willow's all "The professor's supposed to be great!" And Sunnydale's a pretty small town (though it seems to grow and grow as the series progresses), so it makes sense that psychologists in the town would probably know...
  4. G

    If you could meet anyone from season 1-3 who? Can only pick 3 girls and 3 boys who would it be?

    if you could meet 3 girl character and 3 boy character from buffy in real life who would it be from season 1 - 3 only and no spoilers from later season lol as only on season 3, episode 2
  5. G

    Angel theme is not good compared to buffy

    No spoiler as on season 3 angel theme song is not good compared to the buffy theme song I've never seen angel just seen all the theme song for it as I'm on season 3 of buffy
  6. WillowForEver

    Help Willow: Goddesses and Monsters

    Anyone have the Willow: Goddesses and Monsters one shot comic? I used to have it downloaded on my computer but now, years later, I can't seem to find it. I searched online and I can't seem to find it anywhere there too, aside from in a youtube video. I'd prefer the full picture files! Thank you
  7. Name the Stars

    Tillow Love!

    Share the Tillow love with the best Tillow moments, and why you love them! beautiful art by Scotty309 on Deviant Art!
  8. 815221c3e01680bfe782c70d50393723.jpg


    #4 Final of a Comic Tillow Fanfiction about Tara and Vamp Willow. (sorry, I didn't make this. I wish could remember where I found this so I could credit...)
  9. 84bf2f06d2597f67d901a46137c073c9.jpg


    #3 of a Comic Tillow Fanfiction about Tara and Vamp Willow. (sorry, I didn't make this. I wish could remember where I found this so I could credit...)
  10. 83af57904569e6b50846ff3fefa24547.jpg


    #2 of a Comic Tillow Fanfiction about Tara and Vamp Willow. (sorry, I didn't make this. I wish could remember where I found this so I could credit...)
  11. e5f6e50b0c8aff7d897efd52de6abe88.jpg


    #1 Beginning of a Comic Tillow Fanfiction about Tara and Vamp Willow. (sorry, I didn't make this. I wish could remember where I found this so I could credit...)
  12. MarieVampSlayer

    Willow's worst outfits

    Hi all! Ok so Willow was never a fashionista but even for her I sometimes wondered what were they thinking? So here we can list the worst outfits for Willow. Here is one of my (none) favorite outfit: I know it's a promotional BTVS picture but the whole thing is horrible!!!
  13. MarieVampSlayer

    Willow's cutest outfits

    Hi all! So Willow does have a very quirky style throughout the years and even thought she changes it a lot it's still very cute most of the time. So for all of you who likes her adorable sweaters, come here to post your favorite Willow outfits! Remember, this is not the place to judge others...
  14. Grace

    Sunnydale Fanfic Club: Control

    This thread is for discussion of the Sunnydale Fanfic Club podcast. The next story will be: Control by ambut Summary: "Set around the beginning of season 7, Willow returns to Sunnydale after spending two months in England (following the Dark Willow events at the end of season 6). Giles returns...
  15. MarieVampSlayer

    If Willow didn't have magic.

    Hi all! I was wondering how different Willow's life would have been if she didn't discover magic. Here are my questions to you: What path do you think she would have followed? Would she still find a way to feel cooler and less nerdy? Would she still meet Tara? Would she still be attracted to...
  16. Josh the Writer

    Thoughts on Kennedy

    I want to know what you all think about Kennedy. I was personally opposed to anyone coming after Tara in Willow's love life, but I felt like Kennedy cared a lot about Willow, despite their many differences. I thought that Kennedy and Willow were especially amazing and sweet together in "The...
  17. Josh the Writer

    The Osiris Theory

    Hey, I'm kinda new to this so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I decided to address a topic I've been thinking about for a while now. I call it The Osiris Theory. I had this idea and wanted to share it. OK - here we go! In Bargaining Part One, Willow calls upon Osiris (with the help of Anya...
  18. BuffMarsters

    Willow with a different hair colour

    I remember reading somewhere that SMG, AH and CC all had the same chestnut brown hair when they first auditioned, and that afterwards Joss said that two of them were going to have to dye their hair to get some variety on the show. We all know that AH got the red. So my question to you is, how...
  19. BuffMarsters

    This Place is so interesting!

    How have I survived so many months without you guys? There are so many intelligent thought provoking BTVS discussions happening all across this board. I love how civil you all are to each other, and how, for the most part, I'm not seeing people bashing other users. Just sparring with words and...
  20. GoddessWillow


    Hello there! I do not recall if I ever had an account here. If I did it was like 10 years ago o_O Ive been a Buffy fan most of my life now and used to be pretty active in our community with fansites and such (making art, roleplaying). That feels like a life time ago, I do look forward to meeting...
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