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  1. D

    Digimon with Buffyverse AU crossover

    I am a fanfic writer who wrote this AU crossover with Digimon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am a fan of these shows. I made Drusilla was cursed by a gypsy to have a soul instead of Angelus and she met Matt and TK. I’m sure you will love my story even if you...
  2. G

    Angel theme is not good compared to buffy

    No spoiler as on season 3 angel theme song is not good compared to the buffy theme song I've never seen angel just seen all the theme song for it as I'm on season 3 of buffy
  3. telperion66

    Drusilla's Magical Abilities

    After many years watching Buffy, I am fascinated by what magical abilities Drusilla may or may not have had. We know that, even as a human, she had visions, or portents. I find it interesting that this in some way connects her to the 'Powers That Be', and thus, if Drusilla is connected to them...
  4. CJPickering

    Drusilla Pieceworks Card!

    Hi All! I’m new to the forum so I hope this is ok to post! I need some help and thought this would be the best place to come. I’ve been a diehard fan of buffy since I was 8 and so over the years I’ve gathered together a big collection of memorabilia. In the collection I have this - Drusilla...
  5. telperion66

    The expansion of Drusilla's character on Angel

    Just getting through another rewatch of Angel, season two. I'm noticing how great Juliet Landau's performances are as Drusilla compared to her stint on Buffy with Spike as her playmate. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Buffy, season two and her part in it, but watching her again on Angel...
  6. Name the Stars

    "Vamps Just Wanna Have Fun", Buffy Parody of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Disclaimer: All the rights for the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun go to Cyndi Lauper and party Vamps Just Want to Have Fun Darla: Though I burn in the morning light I make the most of it, and do the demon thing right Oh Angel dear your days with us are not done And vamps they wanna...
  7. Name the Stars

    Drusilla Poem! Death Prayers

    Death Prayers Please hold me, please hold me I need you tonight Will I never be free? Will I never see light? Who am I without him? I barely remember This must be punishment for my sins I must endure forever I see the future, I don’t see my past Watching my eyes turn to ice He took...
  8. 20.jpg


  9. S

    Why didn't we see Spike in Season 2 of Angel?

    Drusilla comes to LA to turn Darla into a vampire and they start the family up again basically as Darla continues to try to get Angel to also join them. Why wouldn't they have gotten Spike too. It's been a while since I've watch BTVS, so I was wondering. Does Spike already have the Chip? or was...
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    Who is your favorite female vampire?

    Who is your favorite Female vampire? Please explain! Feel free to add any vampires that I could have forgotten. I only choose the ones that I remembered. For me it's Darla ll the way!
  11. MarieVampSlayer

    A souled Drusilla

    Hi all! So I have seen that a lot of you have stories or fan fic of a souled Drusilla. Since she was the only Fang four to not have the souled treatment in all the seasons I was wondering what do you think she would be like? Would she use her visions for good? Would she be insane with guilt...
  12. MarieVampSlayer

    Vampires in S1-2 of Btvs

    Hey all, So I was re-watching S1 & S2 of BTVS and noticed how unnaturally pale the vampires were. Like I know they should be dead but Angel, Drusilla and Spike clearly have white make-up on their body and face (and eyeliner): After S3 of Buffy they seem to let this make-up direction go and...
  13. smgismyqueenjpg

    How Old Are Each Of The Fanged Four

    NOTE! I know that Spike was turned at 28 and was turned at 27 But this has to do with the graphic novel The Hollower (Is this Novel Canon?) and I'm wondering the ages of Drusilla and Darla. Thanks if you can help.
  14. smgismyqueenjpg

    Headcanons for the fanged four

    This thread is for your headcanons about Darla, Angel(us), Drusilla and Spike.
  15. smgismyqueenjpg

    Episode Discussion Mental Heath in Normal Again and Drusilla's insanity

    trigger warning; schizophrenia NOTE: I ONLY KNOW THE BASICS OF THIS DISORDER!
  16. F

    Why Did Drusilla Sire Spike?

    Why do you think Drusilla sired Spike? Just because? Or, something else? I guess a part of my head canon is that when she first saw him, she might have had a vision of his potential for destruction and whatnot. So, she didn't hesitate to sire him. That, or he was just so pitiful she thought...
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