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20th Anniversary of Angel: 31 Days of Angel


Feb 24, 2018
D1: Favorite Season Opener

Season Openers were usually not a strength of the show, but I'll go with Deep Down, because it's not as much of a stand-alone and heavy on plot. Also, Fred going all tough on Connor was a shocker.

D2: Favorite episode title:

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

D3: Which character has the best scene?

Illyria. I just found all her scenes utterly fascinating, especially the one on the roof top where they talk about humans putting themselves in small boxes.

D4: What is your favorite AI team?

Season 3: Angel, Wesley, Cordy, Fred, Gunn, Lorne

the show really only fell into place when Fred joined.

D5: Favorite weapon used?

I liked it when Angel and Spike were doing the handholding-thing in A Hole In The World, but also Spike's Ghost being used to kill the necromancer in Just Rewards was cool too.

D6: What is your go to episode?

A Hole In The World / Shells

D7: Biggest surprise of the series?

Angel trying to kill Wesley in Forgiving.

D8: Favorite Score:

I love the music in Waiting in the Wings. Also, the heroic Angel theme by Chris Beck.

D9: Favorite minor character:

I would say Lilah, but she was a recurring character for four seasons, so she is not exactly minor. A minor character by my definition is a character who appeared in three episodes or less and I must say, then it's a tie between Dinza, the creepy demon from Ground State, and Gwen, one of the few guest players who kind of just popped immediately and should have had a longer history on the show.

D10: Favourite flashback?

The climax of Darla, when Darla confronts Angel about saving that family and tries to make him kill the baby.


Dec 15, 2018
Day 10: Favourite flashback?

The one where Angelus meets The Master in Darla, I love the attitude between both of them. It's what made me sold on how good the episode was.

Carrie Hopewell

Little girl lost in the woods
Jun 5, 2016
Lisbon, Portugal
Day 10: Favorite flashback?

I love a lot of flashbacks, so it's hard to decide! I obviously love AYNOHYEB but since that's an entire episode that is also a flashback, it doesn't "count".

I have to agree with @Bluebird that The Prodigal is an amazing and underrated episode! It's one of the most important episodes of the show, very character defining for both Angel and Darla, because we get to see the kind of person Liam was, and how being Liam translated into becoming Angelus, and later on, becoming Angel.

Darla confronting Angelus about killing his family, and doing it for love, was game-changing. Before that, Angelus was this mindless monster, differing from other soulless vampires in his lack of human emotions and ties to the world. However, this episode added a whole new layer to Angelus, and consequently to Angel. Angelus killed his family because of their disapproval of him, because they were religious and traditional. Those acts shaped everything he did after. The fact that Darla pointed this out to him is very important too. It shows the influence she had on him. It's difficult to imagine an "innocent" Angelus, but this episode shows us all vampires have to learn how to be monsters too.

This talk between Angelus and Darla, after he killed his father, is what I've been saying:

Darla: “This contest is ended, is it?”
Angel: “Now I’ve won.”
Darla: “You’re sure?”
Angel “Of course. I proved who had the power here.”
Darla: “You think?”
Angel: “What?”
Darla: “You’re victory over him took but moments.”
Angel: “Yes?”
Darla: “But his defeat of you will last life times.”
Angel: “What are you talking about? He can’t defeat me now.”
Darla: “Nor can he ever approve of you – in this world or any other. What we once were informs all that we have become. The same love will infect our hearts – even if they no longer beat. Simple death won’t change that.”
Angel: “Love? Is this the work of love?”
Darla: “Darling boy. So young. Still so very young.”


Day 11: Favorite outfit?

I was going to choose an outfit of Angel's (because, Angel) but I'm going to choose one from my girl, Lilah, instead. Lilah's fashion game is toight, but the two outfits she wears on Home are beyond amazing. She looks so freaking beautiful and badass!


(Apologies for the very long post...)
I was the one to suggest the Prodigal.
those Lilah tops are great!

Mrs Gordo

Bangel extremist...
Jul 11, 2017
Black Thorn
Day 10: Favorite flashback?

The entirety of AYNOHYEB. Yes, I know it's a whole episode but it's delicious and it's my fav.

Day 11: Favorite outfit?

I gotta agree with @Carrie Hopewell on Lilah's Home blouse. It's perfection and honestly, her boobs look great. I'm super jealous. :)
Whoa... you choose Lilah’s boobs over Angel in a towel? Iiiinteresting...
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