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Thread for Posting BtVS & Ats Videos pt5


Dec 24, 2020
I'll post some of my favourite videos:

This is an amazing edit. BtVS as a horror show.

I've never seen Angel when I watched this video. After watching it, I entertained the idea of a Darla and Drusilla ship. 😇
Editing is great, and the song fits so well with our Vamp ladies.

Another great edit featuring badass and/or mean Buffy:

This one is with the same song, badass and/or mean Cordy version, with a lot more humor (since Buffy is mean or badass usually on serious occasions but it is Cordy's default. 😄)

This is a Killing Eve(Villaneve) - BtVS(Fuffy) parallels video, obviously contains spoilers for Killing Eve seasons 1 and 2.
It is a must-watch for fans of both shows.

I guess most of you have seen this video, nevertheless, it needs to be shared here.
Comedic gold. 😂

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The first one is now a new fanvid favorite of mine. (Kinda love the TAH version of Buffy, too.) The last has long been a favorite...and I bet Pattinson (who played Edward) would love, too!
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