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Why didn't we see Spike in Season 2 of Angel?


Mar 13, 2016
If I believed in mystical karma the way many who believe in karma do (as long as they don't treat it as the genie to zap their enemies while ignoring everything they do themselves to incur karma's wrath, as plenty also do), I'd say it's just perfect. Darla pointed Dru out, and Angelus tortured her into insanity. They both had fun as demons in destroying Dru and then making her madness eternal. So it seems like a full cycle as Dru is the one to then turn Darla against her wishes while Angel is forced to watch.

I doubt it was intentional, but I found it poetic (and, I think, ironically Angelus would've as well), and I found it a haunting tragedy. It just wouldn't have been the same with Spike.
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