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  1. Bookkitty

    Whedon Painting

    I posted this in the gallery before I found this thread. I am not sure if I should delete the one in the gallery but I'll post it here. It is my first Buffy painting.
  2. anya my queen.gif

    anya my queen.gif

    wow have you ever seen someone so perfect
  3. biconanya

    i have a nephew who's gay, so..

    me im the gay nephew i am a long time fan of buffy and just found this forum! i would love to make some friends to talk about buffy and just whatever else in general!!!
  4. The Mayor

    Anya, the vengeance demon turned adorable bunny-fearing human

    Anya quickly became a favorite character of mine throughout season five and six. She is so weird and seemingly alien due to her thousand year existence as a vengeance demon. Leave it to Xander (former boyfriend to a mummy and plaything to a praying mantis woman) to bring out the humanity in...
  5. Buffy Summers

    Discussion of 6.07 "Once More, With Feeling" - Aired 11/6/01 (UPN-US)

    Source: Tv.com Discuss this episode here!
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's worst outfits

    Hi all, Did Anya have any bad outfits? Let's find out together! Here is one that I don't 100% agree with: I couldn't find the whole outfit but oriental leppard top is a no for me!
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's best outfits

    Hi all, So it was logical for me that our favorite ex-demon would have a best outfits thread of her own! Come here and post her best looks (or funniest)! Here is one of mine! Ok her first look had to be this dress, she looks perfect in this!
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    What is Xander and Anya's best season?

    Hi all! You may love them or hate them but not a lot of BB members are neutral about this relationship: Xander and Anya. If we focus on the positive, I was wondering what is your favorite season for that ship? For me, I was debating between Season 4 and 5 but I finally choose season 5 for...
  9. B

    Wouldn't it have been nice if Xander appeared on Angel?

    I don't care what the rest of the producers thinked, but having Xander appear on an episode of Angel, would've brought a proper closure to the Cordy-Xander relationship, it would give a sense that Xander still cared for Cordelia, even though they were no longer together. He could even open up...
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya and Cordy friends?

    Hi all! I was reading a another thread about Cordy coming back to Sunnydale after her time on Angel and I was wondering what a Anya/Cordy dynamic would be. Do you think they would be friends? Do you think Anya would be jealous of Cordy because of her past with Xander? I could see Anya feeling...
  11. Josh the Writer

    Question I'll Be His Misses

    I thought I'd ask, what do you all think about Anya's song I'll Be His Misses from the episode, Selfless? I personally love this song and think it is one of the best ones written. It is so sweet and genuine and fits Anya's character perfectly! I've always wanted to see a version of "Once More...
  12. Josh the Writer

    The Osiris Theory

    Hey, I'm kinda new to this so we'll see how it goes. Anyway, I decided to address a topic I've been thinking about for a while now. I call it The Osiris Theory. I had this idea and wanted to share it. OK - here we go! In Bargaining Part One, Willow calls upon Osiris (with the help of Anya...
  13. TARAMaclayLover

    Season 4 overall?

    I enjoy season 4, because two of my favourite characters become more important/appear for the first time in this season, however the villains are just a bit...eh. I prefer Glory, Caleb, or the Mayor, to Adam and the Initiative. I mean, Tara and Anya, they're hilarious and unique additions to the...
  14. Chekaymor

    Hello, fellow undead heads!

    I'm Chelse :) I'm a Faith, Anya, Lorne, and Spike fanatic with a love for writing, blogging, and discussing BtVS.
  15. tinybad

    Which Characters Would You Trade for Those Who Kicked the Bucket?

    Aside from Tara, I've always considered both Anya & Spike to be 2 of my fav characters on the show, and so obviously I was really sad to see them go (I know Spike comes back on Angel, but this question presumes what if he didn't.) To me it would definitely be Dawn, as she's probably the most...
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