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  1. sparethetragic

    Longtime Lurker...

    Hello all!!!! My name is Kat, but you can call me whatever...I have been a lurker here for years but have recently decided to kickstart my butt into posting here. Longtime fan, and have been since I first stumbled upon this gem of a series. It was a week after the S1 finale aired, and they...
  2. NikonTheVampire

    Question How to Write a Buffy fight scene

    I do believe that Buffy and Angel fanfics must have a touch of realism to the universe they belong to. It is hard for me to read fics that thread away from what the nature of the show is. So when I see Buffy as a detective or Spike as a prison warden... I just sigh in in grief and move on to...
  3. gillianmorsee

    Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike? How about both?

    In my opinion, I like both Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike. I think that Buffy was a very different person when she was with Angel than when she was with Spike, which is why at those very different times in her life, she needed very different kinds of love to deal with the particular problems she...
  4. Rogueslayer

    Had an odd dream

    I had an odd dream that I think would be kind of a good idea for a fanfic. I dreampt that I had the power to control demons. so like, I could influence cordelia, and I could only control Angelus but not Angel. I think this would be a good fanfic idea but I don't have a lot of time to write it...
  5. B

    Something I've wondered about the visions

    Like what made them hurt so much, why were they so painful? was it because of what they were seeing, people being killed or injured? or did the powers that be make them painful for a reason? sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm just not understanding how they can be painful. Like getting...
  6. B

    If Buffy and Angel were airing on tv today

    How well do you think the shows would hold up against the shows we have today like the vampire diaries, Teen Wolf, and supernatural? Do you think they would both be just as popular as they are now or less popular? I'm just curious. The shows on today are pretty popular
  7. B

    just read the stupidest thing ever

    so on tumblr this person was going on about the episode where Angel kicks Connor out of his house and gives his big champion speech and whatnot. The person goes : Amazing speech!!! kind of weird coming from him after he tried to kill Wesley!!!! Vampire with a soul my ass!!!! D:< go to hell...
  8. A

    Question Is Connor the first male "slayer"? Discuss.

    Gifted with strength and speed of demonic origin just like Buffy et al; is he not the first male "slayer" in the Buffyverse?
  9. F

    Should Angel and Spike Have Gotten Their Reflections Back?

    Whedon seemed to have gone the rather traditional route with the setup for vampires. Sunlight, stakes, garlic, and so forth. However, while it may or may not be a concrete element in folk lore and other such things involving stories of vampires, explanations as to why vampires don't have...
  10. Wildfly

    Was Angel corrupted by Wolfram & Hart

    I think there is a consensus after watching the finale of Atvs that Angel wasn't corrupted by Wolfram & Hart, but I am not convinced. Sure, he haven't sold out to the senior partners, but he seems to be a bit of a megalomaniac at the end. It made a good show, but it was a bit disturbing. Take...
  11. B

    How many times have you rewatched both buffy and angel straight through?

    I've rewatched Buffy abut 3 times straight through, and angel I've only seen once as I've just finished it up a few weeks ago. There are only a few tv shows that I can rewatch straight through, and books I can reread like One Tree Hill and Harry potter, so I'm just curious as to how many times...
  12. T

    Replicas wanted

    Long shot but incase someone is fir whatever reason selling i am looking for full size replicas following BUFFY SCYTHE, SWORD OF ANGELUS, JACKAL KNIFE boxed or unboxed as will be displaying them on wall Replicas Any minor scuffs damage will be considered Reasonable prices only :) I am...
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