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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    A better Big Bad?

    Hi all! So a lot of us can agree that Adam was a weak Big Bad for this season. If we could change it and choose an existing character(s) from this season who would you have like to see as the official BB for S4? Please explain your choice :)
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    More Angelus?

    Hey all! I personnaly love Angelus and know a lot of you guys do too! I was wondering if you would have liked more Angelus in Btvs and Ats. If so, in what storyline would you had him? Would you create a new one just to have him shine? Let's discuss! :)
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Who is your favorite Male vampire?

    Who is your favorite Male vampire? Please explain! Feel free to add any vampires that I could have forgotten. I only choose the ones that I remembered and had to limit them because there is about a million of them! I also combined a few so you can specify which one you like of the bunch. For...
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    Who is your favorite female vampire?

    Who is your favorite Female vampire? Please explain! Feel free to add any vampires that I could have forgotten. I only choose the ones that I remembered. For me it's Darla ll the way!
  5. MarieVampSlayer

    A souled Drusilla

    Hi all! So I have seen that a lot of you have stories or fan fic of a souled Drusilla. Since she was the only Fang four to not have the souled treatment in all the seasons I was wondering what do you think she would be like? Would she use her visions for good? Would she be insane with guilt...
  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya and Cordy friends?

    Hi all! I was reading a another thread about Cordy coming back to Sunnydale after her time on Angel and I was wondering what a Anya/Cordy dynamic would be. Do you think they would be friends? Do you think Anya would be jealous of Cordy because of her past with Xander? I could see Anya feeling...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Faith or Buffy

    Hi all! So i didn't read the comics but I know that both Faith and Buffy are still alive. I was wondering who do you think will survive the longest? Do you think Buffy will be the ever-alive slayer and just keep coming back from the dead? Or do you think Faith will break the record as the...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Save a character, kill a character

    Hi all! So it's pretty simple. You can bring back to life a character from Btvs or Ats that has died but you have to sacrifice a living character. Let's keep the game in the Tv serie canon because not evryone has read the comics ( like me). So here I go: I save Cordelia and kill Andrew.
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Share one thing you appreciate about a character you dislike.

    Hi all! So I was totally inspired by @dcai0830 and @Puppet and all their holiday spirit. So here we can share things we like about our least favorite character. I'll start with mine: Warren was really amazing at creating robots. I mean if someone where that good at creating robots like that...
  10. EarthLogic

    Gage has tweeted.

    For those of you Comically-inclined: Something is afoot. Methinks it goes by the name of 'Season 12'. (Do I need to put spoiler tags on this?)
  11. MarieVampSlayer

    Favorite relationship?

    Hi all, So I was curious to know what is your favorite relationship on Buffy and Angel. It can either be a love relationship or a friend's relationship or even a enemy relationship as long as it is canon. You can also include more than 2 peoples in your answer. For me, it's the main...
  12. RachM

    Why Bangel Endures

    BtVS has been off the air for close to fifteen years and the Bangel relationship was technically over in Season 3, yet Buffy and Angel as a couple still endure. They are often listed (in very high spots) on “Best TV Couples” lists, referenced in popular culture and almost always brought up...
  13. MarlieTheSlayer

    Rank the Buffy B-day episodes

    So it's my birthday in a couple of days and I'm planning to rewatch the B-day episodes. How would you rank the episodes? I'm planning to watch them from worst to best :) Surprise Helpless A New Man Blood ties Older and Far away
  14. MarieVampSlayer

    Your opinion on Liam?

    Hi all, I was wondering what you guys though of Liam before he became Angel? I'm not a big fan of him but maybe you guys can change my mind! Please do tell :)
  15. MarieVampSlayer

    Your opinion on William?

    Hi all, I was wondering what you guys though of William before he became Spike? I absolutely adore him but I am curious on what the fandom thinks of him. Please do tell :)
  16. MarieVampSlayer

    Saddest episode of Buffy and Angel

    Hi all, After funniest I'm curious to know what do you think were the saddest episodes of Buffy and Angel? For Buffy, Becoming part 2, Grave and The Body made me ugly cry the most. For Angel it's A hole in the world and Sleep tight What about you?
  17. MarieVampSlayer

    Funniest episode of Buffy & Angel

    Hi all, So I have seen a thread like this in the Sunnydale cemetery and I was curious to read your answers. So what do you think were the funniest episodes of Buffy and Angel? For Buffy for me it's either Band Candy or Tabula Rasa For Angel it's Spin the bottle and Smile time What about you?
  18. JforJenny

    Did Jenny Calendar Actually Do Anything Wrong?

    Okay so I honestly am having a hard time understanding what Miss Calendar did wrong that caused everyone to feel so betrayed and I would love to hear other peoples opinions! So this is how I see it: Jenny was sent by her family to watch Angel TO MAKE SURE HE DOESN'T LOOSE HIS SOUL. I believe...
  19. Taake

    Thread for Posting BtVS & Ats Videos pt5

    fromer thread; https://www.buffy-boards.com/threads/thread-for-posting-b-a-related-videos-4.19268/ This is where you can post BtVS and Ats related videos. Bring it on! :)
  20. MarieVampSlayer

    How many time was Buffy saved?

    Hi all! So I was thinking about the fact that Buffy survived all theses years as a slayer in great part because of her friends and family(but also her strength , intelligence, etc obviously). So I wanted to see if we could find all the moments that Buffy was saved by her friends. I'm gonna list...
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