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  1. MarieVampSlayer

    Should Joyce have helped the scoobies?

    Hi all, I was wondering what do you think of Joyce helping her daughter with the slaying? I know Joss didn't propably didn't want her in the scoobie picture but don't you think it is odd that she never offered to help out? Not necessarily with the fighting but maybe research or find new ways or...
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Two funny buffy episodes, that should be watched one after another.

    Hey all, I'm inspired by @joseph for this thread. You know what to do! Halloween and Band Candy - for some Ethan mischief
  3. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Buffy really came back wrong in S6?

    Hi all! So I was thinking how many of us can agree that Buffy was quite different in S6 and DS7 compared to the earlier seasons. We can argue that in S6 she was depressed but even her S7 self seemed colder and more focused on the mission. Now I wanted to discuss with you: Do you think this has...
  4. MarieVampSlayer

    Biggest WFT moments

    Hi all, So I was wondering what was your biggest WFT moments on Buffy or Angel that made you asked yourself if the writers were crazy! Let's discuss!
  5. EarthLogic

    Vampires and their bling

    Does anyone have an explanations (both in-verse and out) for the patterns of jewellery-wearing by Angel and Spike? As the seasons progress there’s a noticeable decrease in Angel’s level of accessorizing. In S1 he’s got the full works – long silver necklace, the silver bracelet and the rings...
  6. EarthLogic

    How do you reconcile perceived OOC character behaviour?

    When a character's behaviour takes a noticeably different/odd turn, how do you process this change? Do you find a way to make it make sense in line with their previous characterisation or do you find yourself taken out of the story and forced to see it simply as terrible writing? For me, the...
  7. MarieVampSlayer

    Which of the male characters had the best hairstyle?

    Hi all, Goldy bear hair? Tweed british hair? No, not the hair, never the hair? Which male character had you with envy over their magnificient hair style? Let us know with pictures!
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Should they have made Dawn younger?

    Hi all! So we all know that Joss intended for Dawn to be younger but changed that after casting MT. Do you think this was a good decision? Do you think they should have adapted the dialogue of S5 to make her appear older? I personaly wished they had made Dawn older and closer to Buffy's age...
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    What you wished had happen

    Hi all, Ok so we all have stories or moments that we wish had happen on the show but that didn't (I mean that's why fanfic exist!). I was wondering what do you think was missing or what you wished had happen on Btvs or Ats that didn't. Personaly, I would have loved for Buffy to have more than...
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    Tara's best & worst outfits

    Hi all, Tara was a shy girl but she was sometimes very pretty and fun with her clothes. Let's list some of her best look. Here is my favorite: This dress looked perfect on her!
  11. MarieVampSlayer

    Dawn's best & worst outfits

    Hi all, Ok first of all Dawn has gorgeous hair. But what about her outfits? Let's list little miss Muffet's best outfits! Here is one that I find adorable: It's not easy to pull-out this look but I think Dawn does it!
  12. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's worst outfits

    Hi all, Did Anya have any bad outfits? Let's find out together! Here is one that I don't 100% agree with: I couldn't find the whole outfit but oriental leppard top is a no for me!
  13. MarieVampSlayer

    Anya's best outfits

    Hi all, So it was logical for me that our favorite ex-demon would have a best outfits thread of her own! Come here and post her best looks (or funniest)! Here is one of mine! Ok her first look had to be this dress, she looks perfect in this!
  14. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's worst outfits

    Hi all, So while I am creating this thread I was wondering, does Cordy even have bad outfits? And then I remember Season 3 or Angel... The clothes aren't horrible but she looks like a yoga teacher...which is not good for Cordy!
  15. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordy's best outfits

    Hi all, So Cordy is the Queen Bee of style so I just can't overlook her for a best outifits list. Here is one of my favorite: I know everyone loves Buffy's dress in the prom and I do to but Cordy was to die for in this simple but gorgeous dress!
  16. MarieVampSlayer

    Willow's worst outfits

    Hi all! Ok so Willow was never a fashionista but even for her I sometimes wondered what were they thinking? So here we can list the worst outfits for Willow. Here is one of my (none) favorite outfit: I know it's a promotional BTVS picture but the whole thing is horrible!!!
  17. MarieVampSlayer

    Willow's cutest outfits

    Hi all! So Willow does have a very quirky style throughout the years and even thought she changes it a lot it's still very cute most of the time. So for all of you who likes her adorable sweaters, come here to post your favorite Willow outfits! Remember, this is not the place to judge others...
  18. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy worst outfits

    Hi all! So I love Buffy's style but sometimes the 90s-early 00s wasn't the best. In honor of her worst fashion choice, let's post some Buffy outfits that made us think WTF? Here is one of my (none) favorite outfit: I don't know why but I always thought this made her look so old...I would...
  19. MarieVampSlayer

    Buffy's cutest outfits

    Hi all! So I hope there is no existing thread like this but since Buffy was totally my style icon back in the day, i thought it would be fun to post some of her best outfits throughtout the years. Remember, this is not the place to judge others peoples taste but just a place to post cute...
  20. AngeliKat

    Question Do You Love Buffy but Hate Joss?

    My answer? Yes. He's a faux-feminist who cheated on his wife and has a pretty poor track record of problematic female representation, despite the glory of Buffy. Thoughts.
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