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  1. PaulParmar1

    Spuffy Gifs

    I love Spuffy and Spuffy gifs are the best! Let's send some of your favs! Some of my personal favs Send some of your favs :p:D
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Xander love Cordelia?

    Hi all! So I was rewatching Angel S1 and Cordelia mention how she promised herself not to fall for a "loser" after Xander Harris. This shows how important he was to her and I think that we can see thoughout S2 & S3 that she really loved Xander even more than she wanted to admit. But I was...
  3. Puppet

    Sharing my own banner art

    I have been looking for a place to do this, I make so many banners for my fanfic and they don't always get commented on, whether they're good or bad, and comments make me a better artist in the future :) Starting off, they will be somewhat Spuffy oriented, because those are the main fics I...
  4. smgismyqueenjpg

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Movie

  5. SBlease

    ONE GIRL (Buffy Fan Film)

    Hey guys! I've made a short fan film to celebrate 20 years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It has had a major impact in my life and this film is a thank you to the creators, the cast and crew for what they have created for the fans and how it will stay with us even after another 20 years...
  6. A

    Buffy nominated in SpoilerTV's Character Cup 2016

    Buffy has made it to round 4 of the STV Character Cup Awards. She is currently against Lexa from The 100 (also simultaneously against Laurel from Arrow? Don't know how that happened, but regardless). 2016 Character Cup - Final Four | Spoilers If you feel so inclined, toss Buffy Summers a vote!
  7. gillianmorsee

    The most heartbreaking character death?

    For me, the worst and most heart-wrenching death on the show was Joyce's. The entire episode "The Body" breaks my heart every time. Everyone was so lost and I felt lost, too. It was a wonderful exploration on the different ways that people deal with death, though, and a great episode, even if...
  8. NikonTheVampire

    Question Any sites that still carry Great BTVS or ATS Fanfic?

    Since the show has been of the air for more than 10 years, one would think that fanfiction for BTVS would die down. But as I log in to fanfic.com BTVS is still in their top 20, competing with more recent programming and movies. Still it is hard to find great fanfics? Are there current exclusive...
  9. gillianmorsee

    Why do so many people dislike Tara?

    I hear quite a few people say that Tara was horrible to Willow and that Tara was useless to the show. I heavily disagree - Tara was definitely important - especially to Buffy in Season 6. Tara was the only one who Buffy actually opened up to besides Spike. Most of the other scoobies(except Dawn)...
  10. gillianmorsee

    Who do you think was the worst friend in Season 6?

    I hear some people say that Buffy was a bad friend to everyone in Season 6, and some people say that Willow was being a terrible friend in Season 6, or Xander, etc. etc. I sympathized with Buffy more than the rest of the gang at the time but I think she probably wasn't being the best of friends...
  11. gillianmorsee

    What do you think Buffy's favorite weapon is?

    She uses a stake more than anything else, but is it her favorite weapon to use? She's also been know to lean towards crossbows, although she'll resourcefully use just about any weapon that is available to her. In my opinion, she likely prefers crossbows over stakes when she's fighting someone...
  12. gillianmorsee

    Which main character do you think is the best dressed?

    In my opinion, Buffy is best-dressed, followed closely by Willow (although only from Season 4 and up). In the earlier seasons, Willow typically wore a bit dorkier outfits :P Buffy tended to wear really cute 90s-esque outfits for the earlier seasons but later her fashion became less of a...
  13. gillianmorsee

    What's your favorite LGBT pairing? (Canon or not)

    Which pairing is your favorite LGBT pairing? And why? (Canon or not) Faith/Buffy? Tara/Willow? Spike/Xander? Willow/Kennedy? Darla/Drusilla? Fred/Willow? Xander/Angel? Cordelia/Buffy? Or any others I may have forgot to mention? Personally, I like Faith/Buffy because I love the chemistry between...
  14. tinybad

    Which Characters Would You Trade for Those Who Kicked the Bucket?

    Aside from Tara, I've always considered both Anya & Spike to be 2 of my fav characters on the show, and so obviously I was really sad to see them go (I know Spike comes back on Angel, but this question presumes what if he didn't.) To me it would definitely be Dawn, as she's probably the most...
  15. B

    Slayers are weak

    Someone was trying to argue with me that slayers are weak, because faith got beat by the beast, and apparently Angel a simple vampire has saved buffy several times. I fail to see this reasoning. Can someone please tell me how slayers are weak? Am I just dumb as hell? they said that a slayer...
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