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  1. KaitKat

    Question about Release and Orpheus

    The three part arc in Angel Season 4 that includes Faith are my favorite three episodes of the season and some of my favorites in the series. Part of the reason these episodes are so great is the dynamic between Wes and Faith who in my opinion work better as mirrored characters than Faith and...
  2. KaitKat

    Was Wes Right Choices S3 EP19

    After the major and Faith took Willow hostage in exchange for the return of the box of Gavrok, Buffy is immediately in favor of not the exchange prior to destroying the box which the major needs to ascend. Wesley is not necessary in favor of sacrificing Willow but would be willing to stating...
  3. Miss Muffet

    Fred/Gunn vs. Fred/Wesley

    Before I start, I want to make this clear I don't intend to make this thread a shipping war, so please don't. When it comes down to the Wesley/Fred/Gunn love triangle, I don't have a personal opinion on which pairing I like better, which led me to wonder what people like about the pairings. So...
  4. Wesxfred

    Was Wesley right to take Connor?

    Recently, I was doing another rewatch of Angel season 3 and it made me empathize more with Wesley and his reasons for taking Connor. In my opinion, I think Wesley was right to take Connor, but the way he went about it (ie: going to Holtz) was completely wrong. Wesley had been completely...
  5. temp.jpg


  6. MarieVampSlayer

    Equality in the couples of the Buffyverse

    Hi all, So I was thinking about the different couples in the Buffyverse (because apparently I have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night) and how we as fans sometimes feel a character deserves another because of how they acted or showed their love. I noticed that I sometimes take one side...
  7. telperion66

    Wesley in Season 4

    Toward the back end of Season 3, we had the awesome evolution of Wesley's character due to him finding out about the prophecy where Angel would kill Connor. Grizzled and darker, they continued with this 'new' Wesley in Season 4. He was a major contributing factor to why the first half of...
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Would you have forgiven Wesley?

    Ok so I am always on the fence with this one. On one side I understand Wesley's action in kidnapping Connor because he was really trying to save him. On the other side, his actions really destroyed Angel and Connor's relationship. What do you guys think? Would you forgive Wesley or try to...
  9. kaylee

    Wesley & Lilah

    So, during my recent rewatch of Angel, I was reminded of my struggle to understand the relationship between Wesley/Lilah. I'm not the best at interpreting the actions and words of characters, but this is the one thing in the Buffyverse that I still don't really understand. I don't know if I...
  10. MarieVampSlayer

    Cordelia and Wes friendship?

    Hi all! So I have read a lot of post about this and agree totally that Cordelia should have visited Wes after his betrayal. But I was wondering what would she have said? Do you think she would help him get better, ignore him like Gunn or would she do like Fred and tell him he was wrong but...
  11. buffy1990

    Should Wesley have told?

    Should Wesley have told the group about the prophecy "the father will kill the son" before taking actions into his own hands? Even though the prophecy was false, do you think him telling would have changed events? I feel like maybe Angel would have still given Connor up somehow if he thought he...
  12. Puppet

    The Sisterhood - Book One

    The Sisterhood - Book One A Buffyverse fanfic set around the end of seasons 5 and 2 respectively. Crosses over with the CW show Supernatural but knowledge of this show is unnecessary to read (and enjoy) the story. Summary; At the end of Belonging, Cordelia ends up somewhere very different from...
  13. Rogueslayer

    Wesley ships

    Who do you think would have been perfect for Wesley? Who do you think was a bad relationship for him? I want to know what other people think about Wesley and his relationshis. Personally I think that given enough time Illyria and Wesley would have been a great couple.
  14. B

    just read the stupidest thing ever

    so on tumblr this person was going on about the episode where Angel kicks Connor out of his house and gives his big champion speech and whatnot. The person goes : Amazing speech!!! kind of weird coming from him after he tried to kill Wesley!!!! Vampire with a soul my ass!!!! D:< go to hell...
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